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We are a professional Performing Arts Company based in Kent, with community aims and objectives in addition to normal company operating objectives.

What will Phoebus Fire do?

  • Create original performance work and new adaptations / interpretations of existing work.
  • Work with local charities and other organisations to assist their fundraising / publicity through performances to paying audiences.
  • Provide opportunities for local performers.
  • Host occasional networking and/or skills development sessions for local performers.
  • Use theatrical devices combined with training expertise to deliver effective and memorable training for educational establishments, businesses and organisations of all kinds.
  • Create and deliver curriculum-relevant drama-based workshops for schools.
  • Hold regular table read workshops show-casing the work of local script writers.

What is a CIC?

  • C.I.C. stands for Community Interest Company.
  • Phoebus Fire is a limited company, but with stated objectives to benefit the community.
  • Unlike a  traditional limited company, there is a limit on the amount of dividend that can be paid to shareholders and the majority of profit has to be either reinvested to develop the work of the business or used to benefit the community.
  • “CICs are one of the fastest growing community oriented enterprise movements in the country. Roughly 1 in every 200 new companies last year was a CIC, and as of August 2014 there are almost 10,000 CICs on the Regulators register.” – Office of the Regulator of CICs.
  • As a CIC Phoebus Fire can trade as a business and can pay performers/writers on a self-employed basis. By mutual agreement it can also elect not to pay if the performance is part of the company’s commitment to the community.

Phoebus Fire’s Community.

Our performers come from all over the county so Kent is our community.

Who will benefit from our activities?

  • Residents of Kent who are interested in attending performances.
  • Local performance artists who will have the opportunity to train and work with the company.
  • Local voluntary and charitable organisations with whom we will collaborate, using our performance skills to help them with their fund-raising.
  • Local educational establishments, organisations and businesses with whom Phoebus Fire will develop tailor-made workshops.
  • Local residents who may attend our communication skills and confidence-building workshops.

What will Phoebus Fire do with any profit made?

  • Reinvest in the business
  • Provide performance art free of charge or heavily subsidised to local audiences, especially those in disadvantaged groups.
  • Offer free or subsidised skills development workshops to local performers.








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